Past Presidents

Over the past 102 years, twenty-seven committed and passionate women have led Alpha Kappa Alpha through its evolution from a society on the campus of HowardUniversity to an international organization that is a platform for economic, social and political reform.

pres-NellieQuander Nellie M. Quander *
1st International President
– 1919
A.B. Howard University
M.A. Columbia University
Certificate, School of Social Work, New York University
Diploma, Uppsala University
Public school teacher
pres-LoraineGreen Loraine R. Green *
2nd International President
1919 – 1923

Bachelor's Degree University of Kansas (Lawrence)
Master's Degree University of Chicago
Self-defined as “professional volunteer” after a short period of teaching and social work
pres-PearlMitchell L. Pearl Mitchell *
3rd International President
1923 – 1925

B.A. Wilberforce University
Diploma, Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Music teacher; social worker; court probation officer; NAACP membership director
pres-PaullinePuryear Pauline S. Puryear *
4th International President
1925 – 1927

A.B., M.A. Howard University
YWCA executive director; Race Relations consultant; teaching evangelist

pres-BeatrixScott B. Beatrix Scott *
5th International President
1927 – 1929

B.S. Oberlin University
Phi Beta Kappa
M.S. Howard University
High school and college chemistry teacher
pres-MaudelleBousfield Maudelle B. Bousfield *
6th International President
1929 – 1931

B.S. University of Illinois
M.A. University of Chicago
B.A. Mendelssohn Conservatory of Music
High school math teacher; public school administration
pres-MaudePorter Maude B. Porter *
7th International President
1931 – 1933

B.A. Howard University
M.A. Western Reserve University
High school latin and english teacher; assistant principal


Ida L. Jackson *
8th International President
1933 – 1936

B.A., M.A. University of California at Berkeley
High school teacher; Dean of Women


pres-DrMargaretBowen Dr. Margaret D. Bowen *
9th International President
1936 – 1939

B.S., M.E. University of Cincinnati
Ed.D., LL.D.
Teacher; secondary principal; university instructor; administration and supervision

Dr. Dorothy B. Ferebee *
10th International President
1939 – 1941

B.S. Simmons College;
M.D. Tufts University College of Medicine, Boston, MA
Obstetrics instructor; medical director



Beulah T. Whitby *
11th International President
1941 – 1946

B.A. Oberlin College
M.S.W. University of Michigan, New York School of Social Work
Social worker; Community Relations assistant director; university instructor; Sociology and Social Work department chair


Edna O. Campbell *
12th International President
1946 – 1949

B.A. University of Kansas
M.A. New York University
High school social studies teacher; public school administration



Laura T. Lovelace *
13th International President
1949 – 1953

Bachelor's Degree University of Cincinnati; Columbia University
Master's Degree University of Cincinnati
Physical education teacher; public school administration



Arnetta G. Wallace *
14th International President
1953 – 1958

B.S. Knoxville College (Foreign Languages)
B.A. Knoxville College (Music); Tennessee State University
Music teacher; church music


pres-drMarjorieParker Dr. Marjorie H. Parker *
15th International President
1958 – 1962

B.S. Magna Cum Laude, Miner Teachers College
M.A., Ph.D. University of Chicago
Student teaching director; history and philosophy of education professor; city council

Julia B. Purnell *
16th International President
1962 – 1966

B.A. Allen University
M.A. Atlanta University; University of Michigan
Education professor; reading specialist


pres-DrLarzetteHale Dr. Larzette G. Hale
17th International President
1966 – 1970

B.S. Summa Cum Laude, Langston University
M.A., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
Accountant; accounting and business administration professor; college development officer
pres-DrMatteliaGrays Dr. Mattelia B. Grays
18th International President
1970 – 1974

B.S. Dillard University
M.A. University of Michigan
Ed.D. Houston, TX
Elementary school teacher; consultant; principal; district superintendent
pres-BerniceSumlin Bernice I. Sumlin
19th International President
1974 – 1978

B.S. Central State University
M.S. Miami University
High school business teacher; guidance counselor; administrator; independent financial consultant
pres-DrBarbaraPhillips Dr. Barbara K. Phillips *
20th International President
1978 – 1982

B.S. Summa Cum Laude, Winston-Salem State University
M.S. Indiana University
D.Ed. University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Teacher; counselor; principal; assistant superintendent
pres-FayeBryant Faye B. Bryant
21st International President
1982 – 1986

B.A. Howard University, Washington, DC
M.A. University of Houston
Teacher; counselor; magnet schools director; Enrichment Programs assistant superintendent
pres-JanetBallard Janet J. Ballard *
22nd International President
1986 - 1990

B.A. Virginia Union University
M.A. Virginia State University
Teacher; public assistance caseworker; Urban League executive director; Alumni Affairs director
pres-MaryScott Mary Shy Scott *
23rd International President
1990 – 1994

B.A. Spelman College
M.A. New York University
Teacher; elementary school music specialist; educational consultant; motivational speaker
pres-DrEvaEvans Dr. Eva L. Evans
24th International President
1994 – 1998

B.S. Eastern Michigan University – Wayne State University
Ph.D. Michigan State University
Teacher; assistant principal; elementary education director; assistant superintendent-personnel; Instruction deputy superintendent
pres-NormaWhite Norma S. White
25th International President
1998 – 2002

B.S. Florida A&M University
M.A. Columbia University
Junior high school band director; music coordinator; assistant principal; magnet program coordinator; entrepreneur
pres-LindaWhite Linda M. White *
26th International President
2002 – 2006

B.A. Clark College
M.A. University of Chicago
Social Security Administration area director

pres-BarbaraMcKinzie Barbara A. McKinzie
27th International President
2006 – 2010 

B.S. East Central University
M.B.A. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
Chief Financial Officer; auditor; comptroller; investment consultant
  * Indicates Deceased