Regional Highlights

Our 2010-2014 program initiatives are bold, our aim is high, and therefore Alpha Kappa Alpha must work SMART. Each initiative will be accomplished through Strategic planning and implementation, Measurable objectives, Attainable goals, Relevance to current needs and Transferable for enhanced impact. Service is the signature!

                                          S isterhood and Scholarships
                                          E conomic Security
                                          R espect for Individual Rights
                                          V itality and Health
                                          I nnovative Programs
                                          C ollaborative Partnerships
                                          E nvironmental Stewardship  

As we embark on the journey of Global Leadership through Timeless Service, chapters in each region are charged with implementing projects to support the national directives. Meaningful programs continue to be developed to support such initiatives. Click on the region name links to view Alpha Kappa Alpha women succeeding in SMART execution.

Links to Region Highlights COMING SOON!

North Atlantic Region
Mid-Atlantic Region
South Atlantic Region 
Great Lakes Region 
South Eastern Region 
South Central Region 
Central Region 
Mid-Western Region 
Far Western Region 
International Region